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The rising menace of car theft demands a robust solution to safeguard your valuable vehicles.


Introducing our state-of-the-art Anti-Ram Raid Security Bollards – the ultimate deterrent against car thieves and unauthorised vehicle access!



As well as protecting your premises against ram raids security posts can also be used to control access and prevent the public from using your car park or land without permission.

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Why Choose Anchor?

Excellent Customer Service & Fully Insured 

ANTI-RAM Strength

Our Anti-Ram Raid Security Bollards are purpose-built to withstand high-impact collisions and act as an impenetrable barrier against determined car thieves.


Placed strategically around your property, these bollards create an unyielding defense, ensuring that your prized vehicles remain safe and secure.

The BEST Deterrent 

The mere sight of our Anti-Ram Raid Security Bollards acts as an immediate deterrent to potential thieves, discouraging them from even attempting a break-in.

By showcasing a robust security infrastructure, you proactively deter criminals, prompting them to think twice before targeting your property.


Our bollards are fitted with Anti-Drill and Pick Locks which are meticulously designed and engineered to withstand the most determined intruders.


Combining advanced technology and robust materials, these locks act as an impenetrable barrier against picking tools and drill bits, ensuring that your property remains safe from unauthorised access.

Professional Installation 

We understand you may have spent a fortune on your driveway and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your property is extremely important. Our team of expert fitters ensure correct placement and a tidy installation every time.

While offering uncompromising security, our bollards blend harmoniously into the surroundings, maintaining the visual appeal of your property.

Residential & Commercial Protection  

We are specialists in making sure that your home or commercial building is secured.

All our security bollards are Ram Tested to provide maximum protection.

We understand that each commercial property has unique security requirements. Our Anti-Ram Raid Security Bollards can be customised to fit your specific needs, ensuring the most effective protection for your business.

Free & Instant Quote with Rapid Installation 

Serving Clients Across The UK


Susan Cooper, Birmingham UK

Would like to say a big thank you to Anchor Security. Two lovely guy's came today to fit my bollard, they worked hard and got on with the job ever in this horrible weather, cleaned up and was very respectful thank you guy's I am very pleased with what you have done and will definitely recommend you!

Mike Truss, Solihull UK

The team's professionalism and expertise were evident right from the initial consultation. They took the time to thoroughly understand my security needs and recommended the perfect solution for my driveway. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction was truly impressive.

David Hamilton, Derby UK

Throughout the entire process, the customer service was exceptional. They were responsive, courteous, and genuinely cared about ensuring I was fully satisfied with their service. It's evident that they prioritise their customers and go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

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